ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples

5 Treatment Staples & 5 Handmade Accessories
Set up for 1 Room
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Entire collection of Katari ingredients and handmade accessories for one treatment room.


Each set consists of:

  • 2 lbs Argil - Atlas Mountains Green Clay Facial Masque - for cleansing, deep pore and blackhead cleansing and exfoliation; comes in coarse or fine powder - please let us know what you prefer; fine powder is best for facials and coarse for body wraps
  • 8 oz Roseau - vapor distilled rose water toning mist to shrink pores, fragrantly refresh skin during treatment
  • 8 oz Geran - vapor distilled geranium water hydrating mist to calm down and balance red and irritated skin
  • 4 oz Hoba - hypoallergenic and naturally pH-neutral cold-pressed jojoba oil to cleanse and condition skin, remove makeup and aid in lymphatic drainage massage
  • 1 oz Barie - loaded with complex Vitamin E and Vitamin K, cold-pressed prickly pear cactus seed oil is a nature's answer to BOTOX and replacement of collagen, naturally! 
  • 4 oz Barie Powder - exfoliating, collagen-boosting prickly pear cactus seed powder
  • Handmade Accessories for mixing and application of facials:
    • Handmade clay mixing bowl (or pick glass bowl instead)
    • Application brush (nylon bristles)
    • Mixing Olive Wood Spatula
    • Measuring Olive Wood Spoon
    • Sea Sponge (sample) - for individual use only / not to be sanitized

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