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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.

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What's In a Name

Katari is all about natural simplicity and products that work. Not that you would, you could ingest any Katari products without harm. If nothing else, Katari products are good and safe for your largest organ - skin. And of course, for hair too. 

Each Katari product is locally sourced and handled by hands of Tunisian men and women who have been perfecting their crafts for generations -

  • dozens of women in a northern villages of Tunisia specialize in vapor distillation of luscious flower waters
  • a group of highly educated oil producers crazy about their art presses organic oils
  • families in Atlas Mountains hand-pick clay
  • entire villages throw pottery the old way using natural resins to seal and waterproof
  • pretty little olive wood mixing tools come from sustainable production and group of olive wood enthusiasts

We think that going back to basics and to historic ways of taking care of skin and hair makes the most sense. It worked for thousands of years and this is how it works now:

- Cleanse, detox and rejuvinate skin & strengthen hair with clay - Argil
- Remove oils & protect and condition skin with oils - Hoba or Barie
Tone and heal skin with waters - Roseau or Geran

Here is a little guide to help you navigate through our products and their names:

Argil - [Ar-ghil'] - green clay - naturally detoxifying, cleansing and rejuvenating for skin and hair, pH-neutral and hypoallergenic.
Geran - [Je-run] - geranium water - naturally moisturizing and helping balance any type of skin, mild antiseptic
Roseau - [Ro-zo] - rose water - natural astrigent, moisturizing and toning
Hoba - [Ho-ba] - jojoba oil - natural moisturizer, conditioner and makeup base / remover, amazing for balancing oily skin, pH-neutral plant wax, not comedogenic.
Barie - [Ba - rie] - barbary fig seed oil - liquid natural and extremely concentrate Vitamin E collagen serum to replace what you lost and help skin stay young.

The Katari system is simple - you can use all or any Katari products, as each of them will work wonders for your skin and hair. You can mix and match waters, oils and clay in various combinations to create your own beauty rituals.