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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.

In the Works

Got teens? Got pimples? Got acne? We got a natural acne remedy. We got a natural pimple remedy. Everyone got a little something that might need a little fix before a big day, a party or a date. Here is Katari's take on acne-clearing treatment - though absolutely natural with zero preservatives or chemicals. All you need to do is add water, shake and make little tiny green dots on your face. Then you can watch a movie or go to sleep. Katari rare Tunisian Green Clay, Argil, will work its magic and draw out excess oils from your face. Just don't forget to wipe out the tip of the applicator when you are done. In the morning or when the 'dots' dry, they will fall off by themselves or you can wash them off.

Katari Argil is a very rare green clay from the Atlas Mountains of Tunisia. It is wonderful for sensitive skin, extremely sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. You cannot misuse, it does not stain and washes off great from anything it touches. It is a great way to get started on absolutely natural, preservative-free product that cleanses face, absorbs extra oils and replenishes skin with minerals and helps kick skin cells production cycle into a normal groove. AND....all teenagers know that green cancels out red. Katari magnificent green clay (Argil) helps even out complexion too. Almost too good, right?

To keep this natural wonder truly natural, we are rolling out a mix & squeeze tube thingie that only needs some water, a good shake and it is ready to go fight those pimples and skin blemishes.


Katari absolutely natural, hypoallergenic one ingredient eye mascara and eye liner is coming at the end of 2016. We welcome any questions you might have.

We are working on the packaging now and will be ready to release this amazing natural product that will not irritate your eyes soon!

Charbo has been used for centuries in many countries as a natural eye makeup and eye liner. The only ingredient in Charbo is khohl. It is powdered and mixed with water just before application. It is safe and easy to use.

 We packaged Charbo in hand-carved and hand-painted olive wood bottles. 

We packaged Charbo in hand-carved and hand-painted olive wood bottles.