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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.

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Is not an oil after all..

...but is a liquid wax ester pronounced (ho-ho-ba).  It is derived from jojoba plant seeds.  Jojoba oil is a very popular natural skin care product known for its anti-aging benefits.  Jojoba oil or Hoba as we named it helps skin retain moisture, and is therefore, great for dry skin and dry hair.  It helps improve skin elasticity, prevent wrinkle formation, smooth out scar appearance, fight acne and other skin conditions of both skin and hair.

The reason Hoba is amazing, is exactly because it is NOT oil, but closest to human skin oils and if applied to skin, it is known to balance out natural skin oil production without clogging pores, including control of acne, breakouts and whiteheads.  It is an incredible natural product for clear skin and a great hair remedy.  It is safe and versatile to use.

Why use pure Hoba vs. products that contain jojoba oil as one of the ingredients?

That is simple: there is not enough jojoba oil in any of the moisturizing products to allow jojoba oil penetrate into your skin and hair and do its magic.

Read more if you would like to become a Hoba expert user….

Hoba (moisturizer & primer) - 4 fl oz
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Hoba is a must have item in your home skin care arsenal. This is what it does really well:

  • Helps skin retain moisture
  • Balances out skin oil (sebum) production preventing acne breakouts, whiteheads and other skin ailments
  • Improves flexibility and elasticity of skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Lightens skin marks, scars and stretch marks
  • Mends dry hair
  • Naturally does not contain comedogenic ingredients, so it does not clog pores and hydrates skin while allowing it to breathe


Hoba is nearly identical to natural oils in our skin and hair. It gets quickly and easily absorbed by our skin. Hoba is wonderful at controlling excessive skin oil production and ‘fooling’ skin into believing it has produced enough oil, so breakouts are minimized when you use it. You can use your jojoba oil as skin moisturizer, hair conditioning treatment, make up remover, or massage oil.

Most common uses for Hoba include:

  • Eye and face makeup remover
  • Facial cleanser and moisturizer
  • Body moisturizer
  • Bath oil
  • Massage oil or massage carrier oil
  • Dry hands and feet treatment
  • Dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair treatment
  • Lip conditioner
  • Cuticle repair
  • Conditioner after or during shaving


Eye and face makeup remover:

add a few drops of Hoba to to a cotton ball and wipe your eyes, face or neckline. Hoba naturally takes care of eyeliners, waterproof mascara and all kinds of professional and day-to-day makeup beautifully.

Hoba cleanses and moisturizes and creates a wonderful base for a new layer of makeup if you are ready for it. If you applied a little too much and your face looks shiny, Hoba will absorb very quickly and any oily luster will disappear soon.

Body moisturizer:

for babies and adults alike, this completely hypo-allergenic wax ester will make skin soft and smooth. Apply a drop at a time all over body to slightly damp skin right after a shower or a bath. Hoba absorbs in no time and locks in the moisture.

Bath oil:

add a few drops to the water while taking a bath for extra soft, smooth feel. Your skin will feel moisturized, even if you have very sensitive skin.

Massage oil:

Hoba is a great carrier oil. You can add essential oils to Hoba for a luscious massage oil that will not stain sheets and will wash off really well. Hoba does not clog pores and can be used for any skin type.

Feet and hands treatment:

apply Hoba to feet and/or hands. It is great if you have an hour to allow jojoba to get into your skin and leave it feeling silky soft and smooth. Wrap your feet or hands in gauze and put mittens or socks (depending on the treatment area of course).

Hair treatment:

massage a few drops of Hoba into roots of your hair to hydrate and replenish / lock-in moisture. You will know how much to use right away. It absorbs quickly. Just keep adding Hoba to your hair drop by drop.

You can do it to slightly damp hair after the shower, both to roots and to ends. In cold climates, especially in winter, you can rub a few drops in the ends of your dry hair as well and smooth a few drops throughout your hair to prevent dryness and static frizzy feeling.

If you are conditioning your hair before shower, wait at least 10 minutes to give jojoba oil time to penetrate and help moisturize and mend split ends and other hair problems caused by dryness, dyes, product use and environment. If you use Hoba on your scalp, it helps with dandruff issues. Why? Because dandruff is caused by dryness and jojoba keeps your skin well moisturized.

Lip conditioner:

put a dab of Hoba on your lips any time you like. Don’t be lazy – it is good for you!


Gentlemen: use Hoba as skin softener prior to shaving. Apply to the area you are shaving before putting shaving cream on. After shaving, apply more Hoba to moisturize the skin.

Ladies, you can use that as well if you have sensitive skin or do not like the shaving aftermath of razor burn. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a new favorite shaving method.


Jojoba shrub is native to southern climates and grows well in Arizona, California, Mexico and in desert parts of North Africa. Katari Hoba comes from the Atlas Mountain region of North Africa. It is cultivated, collected and processed by farmers using exactly the same methods as thousands of years ago. It is cold-pressed in the state of the art facility in Tunisia with all certifications of origin, authenticity, organic nature and so forth but using all the ancient methods and preserving the ancient craft of oil-making.


Pure, unfiltered and organic Hoba has clear bright yellow or golden color. It does not have any specific smell. It resembles consistency of olive oil. Since Hoba is not an oil but a wax, it does not have oily luster when applied to skin, it is more dull than shiny.


Hoba is derived from a seed of a jojoba plant. The oil itself is edible; however, it is not recommended for human consumption, as it does not provide any nutritional value (no calories are associated with the consumption). If you ingest jojoba oil, it is just going to go through your intestines and make its way out. So, even though it is not going to hurt you, don’t eat it.


Hoba is very easy to use. Try a drop at a time, as Hoba spreads and absorbs easily. You will see how much you need very quickly. For hair mask / conditioning treatment you can use Hoba ‘as is’ or warm a teaspoon of jojoba in a small saucer in a water bath.


Hoba does not contain triglycerides like vegetable oils, so is very stable and can be used for many years if stored properly. It does not become rancid from sun or light exposure or time.

We do recommend to keep your Hoba in a cool, dry spot away from water (that means do not store it in the shower). Fridge is ok, but room temperature is all it needs.

If you store Hoba in the fridge, it can solidify, similarly to other oils. Just thaw in room temperature if you prefer a liquid version when applying it to your skin.


It is hard to misuse Hoba. Hoba is not known to produce side effects or allergic reaction. There are no known restrictions on the frequency of use. Any skin and hair type will benefit from using Hoba regularly. Age or gender does not matter. Jojoba is a wonderful replacement for petroleum based baby oils.