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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.

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Geran is an incredibly aromatic pure Geranium Water or Geranium Hydrosol. Geran is beneficial for any skin type and is especially valuable for ladies dealing with hormonal issues. It cools down hot flashes, reduces redness and puffiness associated with hormonal imbalances. It acts as a perfect hydrator, locking in moisture for all skin types. With regular use Geran minimizes appearance of cellulite.

Katari Geran is a first distillation flower hydrosol that matches no other in scent and quality. Geran is produced seasonally by a cooperative of women who live in the villages of Northern Tunisia. Making amazing flower waters has been a tradition in this area for centuries.  The women who make Geran pride themselves on the quality and amazing aroma of this water.

There is nothing artificial in Geran. It is all pure and natural. 

Geran (hydrating mist) - 8 fl oz
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  • smells amazing
  • natural astringent – great facial cleanser
  • natural antiseptic – helps disinfect cuts and minor abrasions and slows down or stops bleeding
  • adaptogenic– helps restore balance to dry, acne-prone, oily skin or sensitive skin
  • helps retain and lock moisture – a humectant
  • soothing – relieves symptoms of anxiety, PMS and menopause
  • smoothing – makes appearance of cellulite prone areas look better
  • healing – helps cuts and bruises disappear faster
  • also – try it on eczema affected skin, toe nails with fungus


Geran is perfect to use on any type of skin. It is balancing and restores skin to more normal condition, whether your skin is acne prone, oily, dry or sensitive. Geran can be added to your favorite home spa treatments to create luscious masques, perfumes or sprays.

Here is where you can use Geran:

  • on your body
  • on your face
  • in facial masques
  • as fabric spray
  • as natural alcohol-free perfume
  • in lotions
  • in hand-made soaps
  • with anything else you like to add amazing aroma too


  • Great skin rejuvenator, Geran is a perfect toner for mature and aging skin
  • Geran has hemostatic properties and naturally helps to slow down or stop bleeding and is great to clean up cuts and wounds
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Geran is used to minimize effects of sunburn, skin rushes and rosacea
  • Your kid might like Geran much better than an alcohol-based product to clean up scratches and minor cuts
  • Ladies, there is something for cooling down hot flashes and hormonal / endocrinal imbalances – spray Geran on your skin
  • Soothing and calming, Geran can help calm emotions and bad moods
  • You can even use Geran as pet perfume. Is it safe and not overbearing for anyone


Using Geran is easy. Use it as often as you need, preferably daily and apply directly to your skin by spraying or rubbing it in. You can also spray Geran on linen or anything else you would like to have the sweet aroma.

If you are using Geran to reduce cellulite puckering, massage Geran into skin.


Geran is a hydrosol (flower water) extracted from leaves and stems of a geranium plant that grows in Mediterranean areas of Tunisia. Geran is absolutely clear liquid and has an amazing sweet floral aroma.


The best place for Geran is a cold, dark place. If you prefer, you can store it in the fridge, when not using.

We suggest replacing and getting a fresh bottle of Geran every two years. However, if stored properly, Geran should retain its aroma and benefits for longer.


We don’t know of any side effects related to use of geranium water. It is safe to ingest and is used in cooking and making beverages just like Katari Roseau (rose water).