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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.


Demand Hoba (Jojoba Oil) for Massage!

Ekaterina Fish

So, you want a massage? You get there and your entire body gets lathered with some mystery massage oil. You are lucky if it is just some coconut oil (not the best option for your pores) and you will smell like a Christmas cookie for days. Otherwise, you rarely even know what the heck just hit your largest organ - skin. 

Turns out, Hoba (Jojoba Oil) is the best medium for massages. Today I will be brief and just list those great benefits rather than write a long story. Here is what sets apart Hoba (Jojoba Oil) as the most perfect massage oil:

  • it is hypoallergenic
  • does not clog pores
  • does not expire or go rancid
  • is actually a wax and a little goes a long way
  • spreads really well on skin
  • provides moisturizing and anti-aging benefits
  • does not have any smell
  • does not have oily luster on skin (it is a wax after all)
  • amazing as carrier oil (add a drop of your favorite essential oil for scent and extra benefits for skin)
  • does not stain clothing or sheets (washes off easily)

That is pretty good, eh? And as with everything else, quality is super important. Katari carries only the best Euro and USDA Organic Certified Oils. Like with olive oil, once you've tried the best (sometimes pretty expensive) oil, you cannot go back. Your taste buds have been spoiled. Same usually happens with those who try our oils. 

Try out some Hoba at home for massage and bring it to your massage therapist next time you go. Like any fine professionals they will appreciate working with the best. It feels good to use the best. Enjoy!  ~ Kate