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5 reasons why you need to put 'dirt' on your face

Ekaterina Fish

Most of us grew up with a notion that we need to scrub and clean our skin until it squeaks. But really, the best thing is to do less - just compare skin on your face and your.... , pardon me, butt. Butt, still looks like a babe and your face is getting all the beating. 

We try so hard to rub and scrub, and clean, and moisturize our face. As a result, it freaks out and breaks out, and puckers, and wrinkles. Butt is just fine. Because no one is 'touching' it. You know what I mean.

So, the best routine is the minimal one that involves one or two items that work great on every skin. Today, the spotlight is on dirt, or mud, or clay. And I would like to eliminate some common misconceptions about this ancient beauty staple.

 Raw Katari Green Clay, Argil, is actually greener on your face. 

Raw Katari Green Clay, Argil, is actually greener on your face. 

1. It IS easy to use - mix in your hand or a bowl and apply to face just before getting in a shower. Rinse last. Steam from the shower will allow clay do its restorative work on a deeper level and carry nutrients to the skin cells and beyond. Even busy Moms can do that. No excuses.

2. You cannot misuse it - anyone, any skin, any person is a good candidate. Don't be scared, just use it to get your 'baby skin' back or at least get closer. Daily, weekly, on occasion, but best regularly, use it!

3. It is one massive natural active ingredient - enough said. No fillers, no preservatives, just pure goodness straight from Mother Earth. Maybe some ground up dinosaurs. But those are organic, so why not?

4. Scientists use this clay to encapsulate nuclear waste for a reason - it gets hold of toxins and free radicals and does not let them go. Just imagine what it can do for your skin. Just envision all those layers of bad stuff being eaten alive by mighty clay.

5. Clay provides a crazy number of anti-aging, detoxifying and regenerative benefits - if you ready to geek out, read entire page about Argil and then go and put some 'dirt' on your face! 

You are welcome. You will not need much after using clay. Your skincare pantry will shrink down to 3-4 items that work. Argil (Katari green clay) should surely be one of them.