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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.


Katari skincare difference on the world

Ekaterina Fish

 Riadh & Kate with Emna, a 12th generation pottery master.

Riadh & Kate with Emna, a 12th generation pottery master.

When you stay small as a business, you make more meaningful impact on people's lives. You are flexible and able to make decisions quicker. You don't get stuck in meetings and inefficiencies of big companies. You just do what makes the most good for most people.

Emna and her daughter Amel, work with Katari to create beautiful ceramic mixing bowls that are part of our kits. When I asked Emna if she can produce a lot more than a few hundred pieces, she said, "But of course, entire village will come to help." This is how it works - the more kits we sell that have Emna's hand-thrown and hand-painted ceramic bowls, the more people in her village (that specializes in pottery and pottery only) will have work. This makes me very happy. And their work is amazing. See for yourself!