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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.

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Power of Single-Ingredient Products

Ekaterina Fish

Have your heard anything about active ingredients? Probably. 

Well, most commercial products and formulated products require a lot of add-ons, fillers, stabilizers, water, alcohol type substances for preserving, etc. At the end you get potentially a nice smelling lotion or masque or cream but is it really effective?

My job with all Katari single-ingredient products has been to show that one simple and pure ingredient can make a huge difference and beneficially affect skin and hair. And when you have something simple and effective, you typically don't crave for more. You use what works, right? At least, I do.

I guess the easiest way to explain it is by asking, would you prefer 0.5% of an active ingredient (an ingredient that actually does something to help your skin or hair) or would you prefer something that is pretty much all active ingredient? If you choose 'an all active ingredient product', you won! :)

Going back to basics and using ingredients that work is what makes for better self care and better beauty regimens.

And when all ingredients are expertly crafted by people who have been in that industry for countless generations and employ ancient techniques and best modern technology, you win again and again and again! And make this world a better place. 



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Hairstylists! Ready for the best blow out of your life?

Ekaterina Fish

There is no shortage of hair products on the market. And then you and your client dream of the best blow out for that super important day. Four washes later you did it. That hair is clean and you are ready for the fun part. 

Investments so far - time, water, shampoo, shampoo, shampoo, shampoo, time and some more water..... You get the idea.

Now imagine a better scenario with a product that does a few things at the same time while not breaking your bank and possibly letting you add one more client that day - 

  • cleanses hair without stripping color or natural oils
  • gets it clean even in those notoriously difficult areas around the neck and behind the ears (yes!)
  • strengthens hair
  • all natural (truly), only one ingredient without any preservatives; non-toxic
  • uses a tiny amount and requires only water to mix
  • takes only 2-3 minutes of gentle massage to work through scalp and hair
  • is followed up with regular moisturizing shampoo 
  • et voila - the hair is perfectly cleansed of all mechanical build-up and is ready for the next step and the customer actually got a great treatment too

Without further adue, let me introduce Katari Argil for hair. It should be all hairstylists' next best friend. It will save time, money and will keep hair HAPPY.

 Katari Argil - Green Clay for Hair (a perfect, all natural product for hair of all kinds.

Katari Argil - Green Clay for Hair (a perfect, all natural product for hair of all kinds.

Please reach out for more information at b2b@katariskincare.com or @nataljaskatari and for a training video with one of the best European-trained hair stylists.  

Yay to clean, healthy hair!

~ Katari Argil

Why Would I Toot My Own Horn?

Ekaterina Fish

Ok, today I woke up and decided that my life is pretty amazing. I have amazing people around me, my friends are great, my family is wonderful and life is beautiful. And, yes, my business, Katari, is glorious too. 

This morning though it dawned on me that there is something so special about Katari that I needed to share it right away. 

I will compare beauty products to bread. You go to the store, to the best bakery in town, as a matter of fact, and buy a beautiful loaf of bread that smells heavenly. You go home and devour most of it. In any case, I do. Do you ever ask the baker what flour they used, where did they get it and what other ingredients they have? Most people don't. The storefront looks reputable and bread is delicious. 

The proverbial 'bread' Katari creates is made out of ingredients that I assembled personally by working with people in the villages in the Mediterranean directly. I know them all. I talk to them, I see them, I know every detail behind each of the 5 ingredients that compose current Katari product line. And every single ingredient has a story and amazing people behind it. 

What other beauty companies can boast of relationships like that and telling their customers about the origin of each of their ingredients?  

So, why would not I toot my own horn?

 Everything, from waters to oils to sustainable olive-wood accessories, is created this way...

Everything, from waters to oils to sustainable olive-wood accessories, is created this way...

Flower Water Instead of a Moisturizer?

Ekaterina Fish

 Katari Roseau and Geran - first distillation flower waters exquisitely crafted by women artisans.

Katari Roseau and Geran - first distillation flower waters exquisitely crafted by women artisans.

On the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia there are villages that have been perfecting the art of flower water distilling for centuries. Why are flowers are so cool and what is so great about flower waters? Some believe that flowers carry vibrations of Earth and are alive even after they are harvested. The unbelievably fragrant scent of flower waters or hydrosols can do wonders for skin, body and mood.

I spend years in search of the best flowers that make the most decadent first distillation flower waters. And after years of traveling dirt roads to most remote locations I found them - a non-profit coop of women who spend their days extracting essence from the flowers that rival most exquisite perfumes. Each batch is made in April-May when flowers are at their best and waters are so rich that you can see those precious flower oils collecting on top.

 In search of the best flower waters... Sand storms, dirt roads...

In search of the best flower waters... Sand storms, dirt roads...

This is how Katari Rose and Geranium flower waters are made. They truly are staples in the Mediterranean beauty rituals and of course in food. Katari Rose water, or as we call it, Roseau, is used as a natural toner and light astringent. It shrink pores and lifts skin without using any other products. Roseau also serves as amazing base for your face oil to seal that moisture. And, during facials or pedicures, a spray of decadent rose water puts senses in a pleasant dream as it refreshes skin.

Katari Geranium Water or Geran is indispensable in facials and waxing. It’s best quality apart from being a great natural moisturizer, is light antiseptic. It cools flashed, red skin and helps minimize irritation caused by waxing or other procedures. And it smells heavenly. 

We work with the flower water ladies and help support their ancient craft. We welcome you to sample the best flower waters out there and spread the word. 

With gratitude and lots of love, Kate - Founder, Katari

Demand Hoba (Jojoba Oil) for Massage!

Ekaterina Fish

So, you want a massage? You get there and your entire body gets lathered with some mystery massage oil. You are lucky if it is just some coconut oil (not the best option for your pores) and you will smell like a Christmas cookie for days. Otherwise, you rarely even know what the heck just hit your largest organ - skin. 

Turns out, Hoba (Jojoba Oil) is the best medium for massages. Today I will be brief and just list those great benefits rather than write a long story. Here is what sets apart Hoba (Jojoba Oil) as the most perfect massage oil:

  • it is hypoallergenic
  • does not clog pores
  • does not expire or go rancid
  • is actually a wax and a little goes a long way
  • spreads really well on skin
  • provides moisturizing and anti-aging benefits
  • does not have any smell
  • does not have oily luster on skin (it is a wax after all)
  • amazing as carrier oil (add a drop of your favorite essential oil for scent and extra benefits for skin)
  • does not stain clothing or sheets (washes off easily)

That is pretty good, eh? And as with everything else, quality is super important. Katari carries only the best Euro and USDA Organic Certified Oils. Like with olive oil, once you've tried the best (sometimes pretty expensive) oil, you cannot go back. Your taste buds have been spoiled. Same usually happens with those who try our oils. 

Try out some Hoba at home for massage and bring it to your massage therapist next time you go. Like any fine professionals they will appreciate working with the best. It feels good to use the best. Enjoy!  ~ Kate

Kill Psoriasis!

Ekaterina Fish

Well, maybe not kill but seriously cripple it... Psoriasis is an auto-immune issue which cannot unfortunately get completely cured, but we have ways to make your skin look good even if you have it.

Psoriasis affects skin by speeding up skin cell regeneration, which causes built up of skin cells and unsightly look no one wants to have. 

Well, maybe for a change toss those steroid medications and other nasty treatments that suppress your immune system and cost a fortune. I am not even mentioning the time it takes for that stuff to work through your system and make your skin finally react.

Try Katari Argil (green clay) as absolutely natural and potent remedy for all skin issues, psoriasis being just one of them.

Cool thing about Argil, is that on a micro level, cells of clay are very similar to human cells and Argil works quickly to normalize skin cell production by putting it into a normal cycle. When skin overbuilding stops, skin looks smooth and nice. Try Argil on your hair or any other patches that are affected by Psoriasis. 

For a spot treatment (anywhere on the body) - mix Argil with warm water 2 parts water to 1 part Argil and apply to the area you would like to treat. Cover with plastic wrap (to keep Argil from drying too fast) and keep for at least an hour. Doing this before bed or when going to bed is optimal. You can even keep this poultice overnight. 

For a head / scalp treatment - make a loose mixture with 3-4 parts of water and 1 part Argil and spread on scalp, similar to how you would apply hair dye. A shower cap is helpful after Argil is on your skin and hair roots. And then put a warm towel to keep Argil hair masque from drying. Keep for at least an hour and rinse, shampoo and condition hair. 

You will notice results right away. When you do, let us know. We want to know about our hard-working Argil and your success with crippling Psoriasis. 

 We offer a kit for you to fight and kill psoriasis, dandruff, hair loss and slow growing hair. All accessories are hand-made and are super cute. Enjoy!

We offer a kit for you to fight and kill psoriasis, dandruff, hair loss and slow growing hair. All accessories are hand-made and are super cute. Enjoy!

5 reasons why you need to put 'dirt' on your face

Ekaterina Fish

Most of us grew up with a notion that we need to scrub and clean our skin until it squeaks. But really, the best thing is to do less - just compare skin on your face and your.... , pardon me, butt. Butt, still looks like a babe and your face is getting all the beating. 

We try so hard to rub and scrub, and clean, and moisturize our face. As a result, it freaks out and breaks out, and puckers, and wrinkles. Butt is just fine. Because no one is 'touching' it. You know what I mean.

So, the best routine is the minimal one that involves one or two items that work great on every skin. Today, the spotlight is on dirt, or mud, or clay. And I would like to eliminate some common misconceptions about this ancient beauty staple.

 Raw Katari Green Clay, Argil, is actually greener on your face. 

Raw Katari Green Clay, Argil, is actually greener on your face. 

1. It IS easy to use - mix in your hand or a bowl and apply to face just before getting in a shower. Rinse last. Steam from the shower will allow clay do its restorative work on a deeper level and carry nutrients to the skin cells and beyond. Even busy Moms can do that. No excuses.

2. You cannot misuse it - anyone, any skin, any person is a good candidate. Don't be scared, just use it to get your 'baby skin' back or at least get closer. Daily, weekly, on occasion, but best regularly, use it!

3. It is one massive natural active ingredient - enough said. No fillers, no preservatives, just pure goodness straight from Mother Earth. Maybe some ground up dinosaurs. But those are organic, so why not?

4. Scientists use this clay to encapsulate nuclear waste for a reason - it gets hold of toxins and free radicals and does not let them go. Just imagine what it can do for your skin. Just envision all those layers of bad stuff being eaten alive by mighty clay.

5. Clay provides a crazy number of anti-aging, detoxifying and regenerative benefits - if you ready to geek out, read entire page about Argil and then go and put some 'dirt' on your face! 

You are welcome. You will not need much after using clay. Your skincare pantry will shrink down to 3-4 items that work. Argil (Katari green clay) should surely be one of them. 

12th Century BC Roman Ruins that see no tourists...

Ekaterina Fish

When you visit Tunisia, you don't think about Carthage and Alexander the Great and all the battles of Roman Empire with Phoenicians. But then, you see Sbeitla. Virtually untouched by time, it sits on 80 acres of 12th century BC Roman city. The site is so impressive, it is hard to comprehend you are there for real. 

Katari skincare difference on the world

Ekaterina Fish

 Riadh & Kate with Emna, a 12th generation pottery master.

Riadh & Kate with Emna, a 12th generation pottery master.

When you stay small as a business, you make more meaningful impact on people's lives. You are flexible and able to make decisions quicker. You don't get stuck in meetings and inefficiencies of big companies. You just do what makes the most good for most people.

Emna and her daughter Amel, work with Katari to create beautiful ceramic mixing bowls that are part of our kits. When I asked Emna if she can produce a lot more than a few hundred pieces, she said, "But of course, entire village will come to help." This is how it works - the more kits we sell that have Emna's hand-thrown and hand-painted ceramic bowls, the more people in her village (that specializes in pottery and pottery only) will have work. This makes me very happy. And their work is amazing. See for yourself!