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Mediterranean single-ingredient all-natural luxury skin and hair beauty products expertly crafted by villages of artisans Katari works with and helps support.

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An ancient sea dried up...

... and thousands of years later, wind, sand and scorching desert sun reduced all sea plants and organic life on its bed to a thick layer of clay and formed what we now call Argil or Katari Green Clay. We hand-pick it from the location tucked away so far from travelled routes that GPS fails to find it and locals hesitate to go there.

Sea shells, the remnants of the ancient sea, are scattered on top of clay deposits and crystals of various minerals glitter in the sun. This is the place where Argil was born - a green clay that rivals no other in its potency and ability to naturally cleanse, detoxify and heal skin and hair. 

Argil (green clay facial masque) - 4 oz
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Well... although miracles do happen, most good things take time. Using Argil regularly will give you the best chance to take full advantage of this amazing natural product.

We cannot guarantee that you will wake up looking 10 years younger, but you will feel a difference after the very first use. Looking and feeling great is addictive, we would like you to become addicted to Argil and feel healthier, younger and more beautiful.

The benefits of Katari Green Clay aka Argil are quite numerous. All of these benefits are due to the unique chemical structure of clay. Here are just a few things Argil can do to promote health of your skin and hair:

  • Gently cleanse your skin
  • Restore mineral balance
  • Dry out extra skin oils
  • Draw out impurities
  • Penetrate deep into epidermal layers of skin to nourish
  • Detoxify skin cells
  • Provide anti-aging benefits
  • Enhance skin cancer protection
  • Stimulate production of skin antioxidants
  • Regenerate cells
  • Restore collagen, crucial for skin elasticity and youthful appearance
  • Regulate & retain skin moisture barrier
  • Reduce inflammation of aching joints and muscles
  • Destroy bacteria
  • Adsorb (extract) and absorb toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides)
  • Reduce skin roughness
  • Regulate skin color by stimulating pigment producing cells
  • Smooth out skin tone
  • And more….


Argil can be used in a variety of ways to promote healthy and radiant skin and hair:

  • Hair masque/ hair conditioner
  • Face masque
  • Face wash/tonic
  • Body wrap for detox
  • Poultice for aching body parts
  • As spot treatment for troubled skin
  • In clay bath with sea salt -thalassotherapy

Thinning hair or receding hairline? Argil strengthens the hair follicles and slows down hair loss and helps with healthy growth and hair regeneration.

Acne break-outs on face or body? Argil draws out and absorbs oils and impurities from your skin and balances skin to reduce excess oil production.

Dry skin or hair? Argil is excellent at nourishing skin and clearing dead cells from the top layers of skin, leaving new healthy skin cells and providing trace minerals for healthy new cell regeneration.

Dandruff? Washing hair with Argil will eliminate dandruff and make hair grow faster and stronger.

Dull-looking, aging skin? Argil minerals like Magnesium, Calcium and Iron help regenerate cells, restore collagen, and fight wrinkles and effects of aging.



Mixing Dosage: 2-4 tablespoons (1 part clay, 2-3 parts warm water to create a thinner mixture that will easily spread on hair).

Argil super tiny particles do their job of going further and penetrating deeper into the hair follicles, scalp and skin to purify, detoxify, rejuvenate and help regenerate new hair and skin cells and promote healthy hair growth while ridding you of dead skin.

With regular use (1-2 times a month) Argil will promote hair growth and will halt hair loss. You can use Argil as a hair conditioner or a scalp masque before, instead or after shampooing on a regular basis. You can add a drop of luscious flower water or essential oils for extra sassy smell.

Hair (Quick Rinse):

  • Take a bowl of mixed Argil into the shower, leave the mixture out of running water reach
  • Wet your hair
  • Apply Argil to the roots of your hair and work it into the rest of the hair with your fingers
  • Continue with washing your body and return to rinsing your hair last, allowing Argil to do its work for 5-10 minutes
  • Wash off Argil from your hair, run your fingers through your hair at the roots to make sure no extra-hardworking clay particles decided to make your head a permanent residence
  • Follow with regular hair conditioner if you desire for extra sleekness
  • For those of you who have started the big hair migration from the head to the back, Argil strengthens the hair and slows the hair loss process

Hair: Deep Treatment

  • For a nurturing hair masque do the same steps as above to apply Argil to your hair roots and ends and cover wet hair with a shower cap and a slightly heated towel. Heat will allow clay particles to better penetrate into the scalp and hair follicles
  • Wash off Argil hair masque after 30-60 minutes
  • Follow with regular shampoo and conditioning. For best results use hair masque once or twice a month

Facial masque:

  • Mixing Dosage: 2 teaspoons (1 part clay, 2 parts warm water)
  • Apply mixed Argil to your face, avoiding areas around eyes, covering skin completely
  • Once you feel the tightening sensation, wash the masque off
  • 10-15 minutes should be sufficient for any skin type, wash off sooner if your skin is very sensitive; redness is a rare but normal side effect due to blood coming closer to the skin surface under the influence of potent Argil. If you develop redness after Argil facial masque, it will go away shortly after use, just give it a few minutes
  • Thoroughly wash clay off with warm water
  • Follow up with Katari Hoba or Barie or your other favorite moisturizer
  • Argil will absorb impurities, oils and toxins from your skin and make it appear more smooth, healthy and energized
  • Argil will bring out natural oils from skin, as it speeds up skin regeneration. For people with visibly ‘good’ skin it could mean some breakouts may be possible, as impurities and dirt come to the surface. We did not notice any, but faces do differ! Hormones could play a part in break-outs too - not to confuse with effects of Argil


  • Mixing Dosage: use a dime-sized pinch
  • Use your palm to mix and apply Argil to face right away
  • Wash your face as you would with regular water
  • Your eyes should not get irritated if Argil gets in, but just in case, exercise caution. We believe in protecting eyes, as we only get 1 pair for life
  • Make sure to rinse your face well and apply moisturizer if needed
  • Repeat daily or as often as you desire

Spot Treatment:

  • Mixing Dosage: a tiny pinch with a drop of water
  • Use your palm to mix and apply a tiny dash with your finger to a troubled area (pimples, large pore, patch of dry skin
  • It is ok to let Argil do its magic overnight
  • If you fall asleep with tiny bits of Argil on your face, worst case scenario a tiny chunk will fall off and get on your sheets, no big deal, just shake it off. It will not stain or create any problems
  • You can wash Argil off from the treated spot once it has dried
  • Use as needed. We find Argil spots on our faces very fashionable

Body Wrap:

  • Mixing Dosage: use 2-3 tablespoons to start, add more if needed, depending on the area you are covering
  • Team work might be necessary for this decadent treatment – someone will need to rub the Argil goodness on you and if you are lucky, wash it off too - there is nothing better than a sensual home spa treatment for two!
  • For extra luxurious treatment, add some Katari Eauros or Geran (rose or geranium water or both) or a drop of essential oil
  • Apply warm mixed Argil to the body in a thin layer, covering skin completely
  • Cover your body with a plastic wrap in the areas covered with Argil and stay under a blanket to keep warm and keep Argil mixture from drying for about 20-25 minutes or longer if desired
  • Wash off Argil in the shower and apply Hoba, Barie or your favorite natural skin moisturizer if you like


  • Mixing Dosage: 1-2 tablespoons
  • Make a smooth mixture, making sure all Argil particles are well dissolved
  • Add mixture to the bath water. It is important to mix mixture well, so that Argil is circulating in the bath water all around you rather than resting on the bottom
  • If you prefer, you can add sea salt to the bath tub as well. This will create a great effect, as sea salt will allow clay minerals to penetrate into your skin much faster
  • Soak your body for 20-25 minutes
  • Rinse off clay residue from your body
  • Make sure to stir water, while draining the tub. Argil particles are heavier than water and from our experience, would prefer to linger on the bottom of the tub, unless you give it a helpful hand/foot down the drain


Even though it is difficult to misuse Argil, we wanted to share some tips with you to give you a head start on your own exploration. Here is how we would mix, apply and enjoy Argil and its versatile magnificence:

  • measure powdered clay with any non-metal utensil or just pour it out into a glass or ceramic bowl
  • add 1-2 parts of warm water (never hot) and 1 part of clay and mix until completely smooth
  • add more water or clay if needed when mixing
  • do not be afraid to experiment with amount and consistency of clay
  • apply clay to face or skin in a thick enough layer to cover skin completely
  • wait until skin is almost dry - if it is your face, a good gauge is when you cannot smile - the skin gets too tight
  • wash off clay thoroughly from your face, body, utensils, sink and/or bath – not necessarily in this order
  • cover and store unused mixed portion for later use in the fridge
  • 1-2 teaspoons of dry Argil is usually enough for a face masque
  • Remember clay will absorb any odors from its surroundings – cover unused mixed portion well if you decide to use it later


Prepare the Masque:

The masque should be made with clean and warm water (never hot). Use non-chlorinated, mineral or distilled water to prevent skin redness or peeling. To make it easy, pour water over dry clay. Rule of thumb is 1 part of clay (1 teaspoon is enough for one face masque) and 1.5 parts of water. You might want to experiment and see how much water you need by pouring it a little bit at a time and stirring to get to a smooth and non-runny consistency.

Argil masque should have consistency of smooth guacamole mixture. If the clay masque is too thick, it will not stick to the face well enough and clay particles will not be able to get into the skin pores deep enough for optimal effect.

Add oils (1-2 drops per masque) before adding water and any other ingredients while mixing along with water. Substitute regular water with Katari Eauros or Geran (rose or geranium waters or a combination of both).

Prepare Yourself:

Cleanse and slightly dry skin before putting applying an Argil facial masque. It is important to cover skin with a layer thick enough to strengthen clay's adsorbent qualities. The only spot where Argil should not be applied is the area around eyes, as this area does not have oily glands and is naturally predisposed to dryness. If you apply Argil to areas around the eyes and let it thoroughly dry, the clay will be absorbing not only the oily emissions of skin, but also all excess moisture so necessary for skin elasticity.

Prepare to look gorgeous or handsome:

Do not leave the mask on your face for too long though and wash it off BEFORE it is completely dry:

  • 20 minutes or less for oily skin
  • 10 minutes or less for normal and combination skin
  • 5 minutes or less for dry skin

Wash it off:

When masque is slightly dry, apply some warm water to re-hydrate the clay. When you feel that the clay softened enough to wash off rather than scrab it off, thoroughly wash clay off using a sponge or just your hands. Don't forget to moisturize, especially if your skin is dry or you live in a dry climate.

If you leave the masque on your face to dry completely out, it can lead to unnecessary loss of moisture, as clay will start adsorbing moisture along with toxins and oily deposits of skin. To prevent loss of moisture, follow up with Katari Hoba or Barie or any other natural skin moisturizer immediately after washing off the masque.


  • Oily skin – 2-4 times a week
  • Normal or dry skin – 1-2 times a week
  • Topical/spot treatment – as needed

Argil masques can be applied not just to the face, but on specific problematic spots on your face or on other body parts prone to breakouts and skin problems.

Take a look at a few recipes we have or experiment on your own. You can always substitute any of the ingredients for something you prefer or just use Argil alone, as we do.


Argil is not new. Egyptians used it in embalming, as they already knew about its naturally anti-bacterial properties. Tiny clay particles are much smaller than bacteria making it impossible for bacteria to survive in such an environment.

Ancients put Argil in water to prevent dysentery, as mudding river water with clay was killing bacteria and made water potable. Argil was used internally and externally for poison prevention (as it absorbs toxins out of the system), in various pandemics, as poultice to alleviate muscle pain and clear out skin disorders.

Argil absorbs all liquid and gas toxins out of the air or on contact. Scientists have been using clay for decades to encapsulate nuclear waste. Once clay particles get hold of a pollutant or a toxin, they just don’t let go. Just imagine what Argil can do to your skin.

As they say, all new things are well-forgotten old things; and it is true about Argil. Argil is finally making its long overdue comeback to being a product of choice for people conscious of natural ways to keep a healthy and youthful appearance. It is here to stay as a timeless classic.


An ancient sea dried up… Then all organic mass coupled with salty sediments of the sea basin were taken over by mountain formations called Atlas Mountains of North Africa. Thousands of years of winds, sand storms and geological processes created a unique layer of potent natural deposits that turned into what we now call Argil.

Even though great quality clays can be found in many places around the globe, we picked this remote mountainous place for a reason. One way to put it – we wanted to bring only the most potent clay in the world and make sure you cannot find clay like ours anywhere else. We think it is worth going to places where even locals prefer not to go to find something that special.

Argil is carefully extracted by hand from a place where less than 6 inches of rain fall annually, making this hot and dry climate a perfect preservation ground for clay’s tiny anti-bacterial and anti-toxicity particles.

Dry heat and high temperatures of the area prevent clay from losing its potent super-charged trace minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and others. Everything plays into quality of clay - particle size, chemical composition, but just like in real estate, the most important factor is location and once again location!

Other clays that come from less perfect locations are subject to temperature fluctuations and much heavier precipitation that washes away clay ions and expedites chemical hydrolysis process that also removes all important trace minerals, without which clay will be just dirt. In addition, other clays require significant drying time, which further depletes those clays of their nutritious minerals.


Katari Green Clay or Argil naturally comes in dry chunks, which we collect by hand from our exclusive mountain quarry. Once collected, we sun dry it under hot desert sun. We don’t add anything to Argil to make it better. It is perfect ‘as is’.

The only thing we do to Argil after it is dried is mill it for the convenience of your use and ease of packaging. The fine powder has the same properties as the chunks.

If you are so inclined as to use Argil in its natural ‘chunky’ state, please e-mail us and we will be happy to send you a sachet of dry chunks of Argil instead of a jar with a fine powder.


Argil has very faint earthy smell and tastes similar to chalk (We think most of us tried chalk at some point in our life). It is not salty or bitter, it really does not have any distinct taste.

Katari Argil looks pale greyish-green with a little natural sparkle (due to inclusions of gypsum). It changes color to brighter green when water is added to it. And then when Argil meets your face, it becomes really bright and cheerful green.

Milling size does not affect Argil’s qualities or effectiveness. Whether it is 'chunky' or milled to fine powder, once Argil is mixed with water, it wastes no time to quickly dissolve to the smallest particles and deliver its unique and powerful action.

The traditional way to buy clay is in chunks, taking a few with you to the shower and dissolving straight in your palm right before applying it to skin or hair.


Argil is a 100% natural bioorganic product extremely rich in minerals beneficial for skin and hair health and cell regeneration. Argil is pH-neutral (7.26) and contains Mg (Magnesium), Ca (Calcium), Fe (Iron), as well as other trace minerals and organic matter.

Not just one mineral but a particular combination of them acts within Argil and makes it the best natural clay you can possibly find and use. Here are some of the minerals that make Argil:

  1. Magnesium (Mg) – is vital for repairing and maintaining healthy body cells. Magnesium is an essential mineral linked to hundreds of metabolic processes within the body, affecting among other things nucleic acid production (DNA, RNA), which promotes regeneration of cells. Magnesium has an ability to cleanse your skin and detoxify the entire epidermis. Allergic reactions can be relieved or eliminated with the help of Magnesium. Magnesium enhances the natural hydration of your skin and encourages the production of collagen already present in your skin cells.
  2. Calcium (Ca) – does a lot to keep your skin cells going:
    • Regulates cell division, shedding off dead cells and encouraging new cell production
    • Stimulates healthy skin color through pigment control
    • Preserves moisture barrier to reduce dryness and increase in cell regeneration
    • Responsible for production of age-defying and cancer-fighting antioxidants
    • Positively affects nervous system, providing a calming effect
  3. Calcium does a fine job preventing damage to the cell structure, fighting premature aging, developing resistance to wrinkles and skin cancer through its links to antioxidant production.

  4. Iron (Fe) – absorbed in the blood stream, this mineral helps transport oxygen to skin and hair, working together with Ca and Mg toward healthy hair growth. Iron in conjunction with other minerals found in Argil helps maintain hair color (slows down loss of pigments leading to grey hair) and prevents hair loss. Iron is also instrumental in promoting good skin tone.
  5. Gypsum (CaSO4) – another name for hydrous calcium sulfate - allows Argil to glitter, but not only. Gypsum clay masques have been used all over the world for many years to rid skin of acne. Although humans don’t have a need for Gypsum as a mineral supplement on its own, this element aids all others in the Argil’s composition to make it an even stronger agent to fight skin and hair problems.
  6. Organic Matter (aka good stuff) – decomposed organic plant and other calcium-laden matter from the ancient sea floor gives Argil its distinct color together with Iron Oxides (Iron enriched with Oxygen), which is very similar to the Dead Sea minerals and provides dozens of trace minerals for skin and hair nourishment.

Acidity (pH) – Green Clay has a 7.26 pH-balance, which is acidity level closest to human blood. Products with pH significantly different from our skin contribute to proliferation of acne bacteria and other skin problems. Argil is neutral and non-reactive to skin, which helps rid skin of various problems by naturally balancing it.


Argil has indefinite shelf life as long as you keep it dry and in an air-tight container away from smells and odors that it can absorb. Temperatures do not affect Argil. It loves sun and does not mind exposure to it. If your jar of Argil gets a bit of moisture and Argil gets clampy, do not worry, it does not affect its quality.

The only time we suggest you dispose of Argil is when it is contaminated or has been already used. Do not re-use Argil that has already been used before.


Argil is not toxic and is hard to misuse. You should not develop any reaction from it. Redness after an Argil masque is a rare but normal side effect and will go away very quickly. It is due to blood getting closer to the skin surface being pulled by Argil powerful action.

Please use normal precautions, such as not inhaling dry powder, not putting Argil in your eyes and not over drying your skin (especially around your eyes).

Even though we don't anticipate any harm from Argil, please do not allow your children to use Argil without your supervision.